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I'm going to start putting stuff here soon, once I get my junk together.  Also, I think it would be intelligent to link my ffnet account to here, just for kicks. Not that many people are going to be into this sort of thing. 9.9;

I needed a Friend's Only banner! ;D

The things that will be friend's only are:
-Anything that is over PG-13-ish
-And anything that I just don't want everyone to see.

So yeah! I know I really didn't NEED a banner, but I wanted one! :D And this is fabulous for the occasion. It is not doctored of messed with at ALL. Aside from me adding words. I just was a bad person and paused the episode at the right time. :P Or wrong time, I suppose. So HA. Please help me stop thinking this is hysterical. 




Some Basic Info

Hey, anyone who could be reading this,

I suppose it is time I actually put something here, after having this account all unactive and stuff. :3

This is a sister account to a person who is ashamed to admit their love of Wanda/Pietro. :D So here I am. I especially love their X-men: Evolution versions, so those are the ones that I will be dealing with. Here, at this account, I will probably only post little drabbles and junks, and probably fanart every now and again. I will have to friend lock my arts, because the way I draw and color is a little too distinct for me to be entirely comfortable just putting it up with no way to hide it, and I suppose I am afraid to be outed. 6.6 But anyway, you are all warned. I am pretty obsessed with these Maximoffs and their love, and I loathe myself for it. But whatever, you know? :P

If you don't like it, you are welcome to leave now. I am not stopping you.



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